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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

To blog or not to blog

So here's the thing...I've been thinking about blogging for a long time but never gone for it before.    I guess I'm a sort of "in-between" generation where technology is concerned: love having it in day-to-day life (where would we be without our apps?), but not yet reached the point of tweeting what I'm having for breakfast.

What would I say in a blog?  Would anyone be interested?   Do I really want to expose my day-to-day experiences to anyone and everyone?   Will my friends still speak to me if I do?

But...like many people out there, I have this idea of being a writer.   I have lots of ideas for those fantastic novels I'm going to write, and my computer stores a fair few Chapter 1s and even the odd Chapter 2 or 3.   I've even read books and signed up for correspondence courses.  

Those of you who've done the same will know the most common piece of advice given by actual, bona fide, published, successful writers is: just sit down and do it!

So, can I do it?   Can I sit down and write a blog every week?   Or will my ambivalence, lack of confidence and abismal time management scupper me once again?

Let's see...

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